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Northwoods is currently accepting applications for lead church planting positions for 2024.

Ministry Description for Lead Church Planter

Position Description

  • Demonstrates authentic Christ-like character and servant leadership.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to personal evangelism.
  • Is a person of prayer and reliance on the leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  • Is a gifted communicator and teacher of God’s Word.
  • Is able to recruit, equip and mobilize teams of people for ministry and mission.
  • Is able to receive Godly vision and communicate it to others in a compelling way.

Position Expectations

  • Align with Northwoods DNA
  • Complete Church Planting Assessment
  • Complete Church Planting Training Process
  • Participate in Church Plant Funding Campaign
  • Implement a Target Analysis Process
  • Work together with a Church Planting Coach
  • Recruit, Equip, and Mobilize Church Plant Launch Team